Ace Whiling is a mutant from the Book III chronology.

(more info shall be added soon)


Ace was raised by a violent father who had links to the Skulls - from an early age he forced his son to live as a Skull, having a tattoo etched onto his neck and forced to keep his head shaven at all times: despite this Ace never showed the same aggression and hate as his father and often rebelled against his violence by trying to exist peacefully with others.. sadly this resulted in much abuse and he found comfort in his mother, who cared for him and often shielded him as best she could from the darkness all around him.

When Ace's mother died he lost what little security he had left and thus left to join Razorback's "Reclaimers" - partly to get away from his father but also to try and prove to himself once and for all that he was not a Skull, that he could do good in the world despite his troubled upbringing and prove his father and men like him wrong.

Powers / Abilities

  • Size-Alteration (Ace can shrink down to miniscule sizes)
  • Density-Control (Ace can become as hard as diamond or intangible)
  • Miasma (Ace can emit noxious fumes from his body that while not toxic are still effective in battle)

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