Adolf Hitler is a damned soul in Lucifer's Hell who will become a major antagonist in the future of Book 3 and the Hell's Broken Angel saga. He is best known as the commander of the Axis powers in World War II who also instigated the infamous Holocaust, claiming the lives of over 11 million innocents.

Like Deathwalker, Hitler made a pact with Lucifer, to serve him in exchange for being spared torment. Unlike Deathwalker, Hitler didn't break his pact and rebel.

Hitler will be making a minor appearance in Omniwar, as a commander of one of Lucifer's armies, leading his faction of undead Nazis into battle.


Hitler appears in his typical Nazi uniform, and bears practically the same appearance as he did when alive.

Hitler is more of a mysterious figure, hiding in the background and using the legions under his control to commit atrocities in his name. Akin to the concept of "Big Brother", Hitler watches, but never seems to directly act.


  • The Spirit of Hell (Hitler, being a resurrected damned soul, possesses a number of Hellish abilities.)
  • Silver Tongue (Hitler is a master orator.)
  • Master Manipulator (Hitler can manipulate many situations to his advantage, often discreetly)
  • Commander of the Nazis (Hitler controls a massive legion of his own undead soldiers, all brainwashed to do nothing but follow his orders.)

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