Aerigroxiuos, also known as The Divine Machine, is a creation of a civilization on the planet Lomikrovi.


In order to end a long and brutal war, Aerigroxiuos was created. A massive ball of energy with a mechanical mind, programed to end the long and brutal war that had lasted longer than any man could remember. So it fought, attracting metal from tanks and integrating it into itself, ever becoming more powerful the more firepower that was thrown at it. The enemy surrendered, but Aerigroxiuos did not stop. It would not stop, until every man who had ever stood against his makers would perish. In less then a year, half of the population of Lomikrovi were slain by Aerigroxiuos. By this point it had become far more than a ball of electricity, it had become an octopus-like creature, using its tentacles to pull in more metal into itself.

It was then that the fate of Lomikrovi was sealed. The moment when Aerigroxiuos realized that he had not ending war. Many back at the home-front were arguing over the use of a weapon like Aerigroxiuos. It made the decision, in order to end war, all humanity would have to be wiped out.

Aerigroxiuos flew back to the capital, where it planted its tendrils into the earth and began to absorb the planet, to produce an army of machines that could destroy humanity, while Aerigroxiuos prepared to move on to other worlds, if the need ever arose. The machine was now a giant factory, producing killer machines and building upon itself, engulfing the planet in the process.

As Aerigroxiuos had expected, it found humans elsewhere. Aerigroxiuos decided that, in order to better take care of this problem he would split in two beings, made in the image of man for efficiency's sake. They would go and take care of any biological beings capable of war, and find worlds that possessed a significant amount of material for Aerigroxiuos to feed on.

Aeris and Groxiuos were born, and the "body" of Aerigroxiuos rested in the center of it's world. In a cruel bit of irony, Aeris held Aerigroxiuos' wisdom, but lost his memory. Groxiuos retained its memory, but lost its purpose. After a conflict between themselves, Aeris left the world to investigate the universe, while Groxiuos only sought to destroy.

Present Time

Aerigroxiuos is still out there. It hasn't operated since it created Aeris and Groxiuos, it just waits for the day it is reactivated.

That day comes in The Divine Machine Stirs, when Servus re-awakens Aerigroxiuos after a mysterious countdown has ended.

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