Agent Kings is one of the central characters in Clandestine and is one of the organization's founding members - he was once an aspiring freelance detective/mercenary but became mentally unstable after developing superhuman abilities late in life: causing him to give up his freelance career in order to join Clandestine, where he found a distraction from his own insanity in the form of tracking down superhuman criminals and solving bizarre crimes that were beyond the reach or understanding of orthodox law-enforcement.

Agent Kings suffers from split-personality, amongst other psychosis, yet his dominant personality is a Christian who often carries a bible with him on his missions as well as a necklace with a crucifix - his secondary personality doesn't seem as religious as the dominant and they often argue over philosophical and / or theological thinking.

Kings also had to make a deal with Dollhouse in order to create Clandestine, this would result in Kings and his agents ultimately becoming some of the most recurring and prominent Dollhouse targets as they delved deeper into conspiracies and nightmares leading to a demonic influence across the entire planet known only as The Unborn.


  • Life Force Perception - Kings has the ability to see the life force of other beings, allowing him to see the physical and emotional health of those nearby as well as determine if they are superhuman, base-line (non-powered), human or alien in origin, he can also use this to track people long distances using "psychic foot-prints" (which all living beings have, though not many can see them).

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