"The future has an unlimited number of outcomes, compared to the past that has become but a trace of memory."

~Aishazi Kasra

Aishazi Kasra is the curator of a museum of which owns countless sacred ancient items of power. She is also the owner of the Tome of Secrets as well as the Golden Necklace. A calm and collected woman of unknown secrets, she herself has widely understood the Secrets Sacred Items, and knows how they came into creation. Her knowledge of such is so wide, in fact, that some who know of her think that she could possibly be an embodiment of a Secret herself.


Aishazi is known to be a very cool, calm, and collected individual, so much so that the way she speaks comes off almost as if she were a robot. Her calm demeanor also allows her to speak to others quite easily as well as give information away in the most simple manner possible. Underneath this is the more mysterious persona that rarely comes out; a person who she comes across and deems as someone 'of her origin' will be confronted with a different aspect of her personality.

This other persona of hers is a mysterious individual, normally very cryptic at the same time filled to the brim with what could be seen as unlimited knowledge on certain concepts. To even go further, she seems to know almost everything about another person when in this state of mind. Further adding to her mystery, she bears the Golden Necklace, which she uses to bestow certain powers onto individuals or herself in times of need.


Having very bright green eyes, Aishazi has long black hair that cascades down her back as well as tanned skin. She is normally found wearing a dress that bares her shoulders, featuring golden patterns running along the necklines and the arms. She is always seen wearing the Golden Necklace.


  • Precognition
  • Retrocognition
  • Golden Necklace - (Luck's Necklace - Allows the Powers of Luck to be used by the person wielding it)

Era I

Black Wings

Era II

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