Aither was a member of the Imps that inhabited Avalon and the former lover of Inferno Pendragon, she was deeply corrupted by the evils of King Equinox during the storyarc "Brother's Keeper" and never truly recovered - fleeing from the palace of Avalon and her former lover she would spend a great deal of time in the wilderness of Avalon until she eventually returned during Endgame, confessing to still loving Inferno but realizing she could no longer have him.

Following this she became a recurring character in the Pendragon tales and varied between an ally to an enemy, due to her lingering corruption - she normally took on a secondary role but had on occassions acted as a major protagonist or antagonist.

Sadly Aither would join many other victims in the Shadow of Death and is currently deceased.


Brother's Keeper

Aither was a major antagonist (albeit due to corruption)


Aither was a major protagonist


Aither was a major protagonist

The Last Crusade

Aither was a major protagonist

The Shadow of Death

Aither's final adventure, where she was a major protagonist

Powers / Abilities

  • Magical Physiology (Aither was made out of magical energy)
  • Magical "Orb" Form (Aither could transform into a small orb of magical energy at will)
  • Magic Bolts (Aither could emit bolts of raw magic at will)
  • Magic Affinity (Aither was naturally able to work with magic, making spell-crafting and detection much easier as well as boosting her resistances to most magic)