Akemi is a major protagonist of Book 4, first introduced in the Oni Quest - she is a half-Yōkai who braves the evils of Onibaba to rescue her family from an unjust curse, later embarking on a larger series of quests alongside Usagi and other immortal beings both of the Yōkai world and other fantastical realms.


Powers / Abilities

  • Yōkai-Blessed (as a half-Yōkai Akemi is unable to grow old but can still be harmed by violence or extreme disease)
  • Yōkai Guardians (as a half-Yōkai Akemi produces an aura that attracts Yōkai Guardians to her, this gives Akemi the unique ability to pick-and-choose her allies as many unique and powerful Yōkai come to her aid)
  • Oni's Bane (Akemi has the ability to cast out evils with her will, yet is inexperienced with this power - which may well be impossible to control but does not seem to have a limit as it can heal wounds, remove curses, aid in rising emotional health and so on.. Usagi states it is possibly the source of all healing in the Yōkai world, which if true would make her by far one of the most powerful Yōkai to ever exist)
  • Dimensional-Bending (Akemi is able to open portals between realities and move between them as easily as opening a door, in fact Yōkai portals often manifest as traditional shōji doors)

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