"My dear, you are much sweeter forced than most others who are willing."








Unknown, but often takes the form of a wisp.






Andromeda, Nova

Base of Operation

The Multiverse


Empathetic Vampirism, Shape-Shifting, Soul-Consuming, Stellakinesis


Neutral Evil


Stealthily Active

Almagest is the second most powerful Avatar of the Unknown but the most influential. He is a major antagonist across the Multiverse, lurking behind a web of puppet strings.

Unlike his bretheren, and many other gods or deities across the Multiverse, Almagest holds a fascination with the cultures and pleasures of mortals, and sees himself as a protector of their kind, despite his true nature.

When not pulling strings, Almagest flits among mortal cultures and societies, taking on their forms to engage in hedonistic, sexual, and depraved acts. Almagest possesses a fetish for sadism, and prefers to intimately know his victims in order to torment them to the fullest extent possible.

Almagest is known as the former consort of Nova and Andromeda, the father of Solstice, and the ancestor of Nebula and Zenith


Early in time, when the Unknown first encountered the Multiverse, a piece of it's essence broke away, heading towards an inhabited planet. This essence gained it's own sentience, forming a conscious and taking on an appearance as one of the world's inhabitants after studying their ways (to be written).


Almagest often appears in mortal forms, typically as a charming, alluring, and charismatic figure, yet this belies his true intentions; mortals who associate with him often meet only with misery and regret. He knows how to talk and appeal to nearly anyone, making his silver tongue one of his most potent tools.

Almagest drains the emotions of others much like a vampire would feed off of blood. Strong emotions of love, hatred, and fear are the most alluring to him, and he will do what he can to invoke these feeling in those who become affiliated with him.

Despite his status of godhood, Almagest holds a deep fascination with the ways of mortal cultures, as opposed to many other gods and dieties.

To Almagest, the Multiverse is perfect the way it is; he despises the acts of destroyers and conquerers who seek to reshape the cosmos, and is content to merely exist. He has, however, actively stood against enemies of the Multiverse in the past by creating or siring heroes to stand against oncoming cataclysms, in which his gift of limited foresight has proven to be an invaluable asset.


Almagest's appearance constantly varies as he is an adept shape-shifter. When luring people to him, however, he assumes the guise of a charismatic male or female.



  • Immortality
  • Empathetic Vampirism (Almagest can feed off of the emotions of others, and slowly drain away their energy. This process can leave mortals as soulless husks in time, but will work indefinitely on gods.)
  • Soul-Consuming (Almagest can absorb the souls of others, but prefers doing so by draining emotions.)
  • Shape-Shifter (Almagest can take any form he wishes.)
  • Stellakinesis
  • Ergokinesis
  • Magic
  • Dimensional Manipulation
  • Limited Omniscience
  • Limited Foresight (Almagest can see significant future events, but not always their outcomes.)
  • Possession
  • Illusion Casting
  • Power Augmentation (Almagest can become as powerful as he chooses, but this power comes with several limitations (see below).)
  • Imperium Recto (From a deal struck with Veda, Almagest has learned the power to raise and control the dead.)


  • Silver Tongue/Charisma
  • Champion of Veda (Almagest has struck a deal with Veda, trading information for the power of Imperium Recto, and has gained unlimited access to Veda's library.)


  • Almagest, a fraction of the Unknown, cannot augment his power higher than the Unknown's.
  • Almagest must expend his own collection of emotional and soul energy to augment his power. However, he has amassed a great deal of this energy.
  • Almagest's foresight is limited to short, prophetic visions.
  • Preferring intimacy with his victims, Almagest self-imposes a "one victim at a time" rule upon himself.


The Unknown Master ???
Lucia "Sister" ???
U.N.K.N.O.W.N. "Brother" ???
Haruspex "Brother" ???
Sotiris "Brother" ???
Arbiter ??? "Lock away within the farthest corner of your mind that power I bequeathed unto you, and carry that secret until your dying day...after all, you don't want a repeat performance, do you?"
Arbiter of Order ??? "I know a desperate soul when I see one. You may have erased your emotions, but your intent is still there...and that is precisely what I need."
Nova Consort (former) "My dear, sweet belong to me, and me only...and may Kane suffer if he doesn't like it."
Andromeda Daughter, consort (former) "My child, you were the strongest of them all...your resolve like cold steel against my words...your pain, you wore like a shawl before me, brazen and bold...and while I hold no love for you in my heart, you have earned my begrudging respect."
Solstice Daughter ???
Nebula Descendant "My granddaughter is very powerful; spontaneous, yes, but more than magically adept. But she isn't the one I want..."
Ruichi ??? "You do not recognize me, but you know me, child. The time we met was the time you learned pain and fear."
Dark Ruichi ??? "Even the maddest of dogs can be leashed, my son."
Zenith Descendant, ??? ???
Karma ??? ???
Ren ??? ???
Aran ??? ???
Ixarath ??? ???
Ithe ??? ???
Isaiah ??? ???
Diana ??? ???
Malovus Neutral affiliate ???
Kagami ??? ???
Zied Neutral affiliate ???
Eclipse ??? ???
The Idealists Neutral affiliate ???
Nyarlathotep ??? ???
Kane ??? "My dear, pathetic pawn of the Watchers... all you were was a cheap thrill for Nova... but in the end, she belongs to me..."
Anomaly ??? " aptly named for such a whelp."
Veda Neutral affiliate ???
The Nameless Sheik ??? ???


God of the Unknown

What is believed to be Almagest's true form

Unofficial Theme

"Sucker Punch" Soundtrack - Sweet Dreams by Emily Browning05:21

"Sucker Punch" Soundtrack - Sweet Dreams by Emily Browning


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