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Amarok is a being of unspeakable power, a demon-goddess from the primordial past she is the hidden power behind such items as the Huntsman's Axe and is also the original "Big Bad Wolf": in fact she is the inspiration (and matron) of all wolf-based demons/deities in both mythology and fiction.

She, like The Hatter, is considered a fallen Primordial One - making her one of the most powerful beings currently known in the Villains cosmology (unless specified in-story).


WARNING - this will become *extremely* long and detailed, chronicling almost all of the Wonderland series, a lot of the Avalon series, a sizeable chunk of Misery's mythos and of course several stories that have since "crossed over" with those universes..

Wolves at The Door

Edge of Madness

Amarok is the main antagonist of Edge of Madness, with Jack as the secondary antagonist and Arbiter as the main protagonist - this is by far her most extensive appearance in the multiverse as an active force rather than a "woman in shadows".

The Shift


The Shadow of Death

Apocalypse Manifest

It is known that Amarok frequently manipulates many events that contribute to the rise, fall and / or weakening of characters listed in her "Relations" :

  • The Hatter (manipulated events that would lead to the Shift, allowing Hatter to absorb large portions of Wonderland for unknown reasons..)
  • Psychosis (manipulated the events that would lead to the "Unspeakable" crisis, which would end in Psychosis being severely weakened)
  • Luca (manipulated events that would contribute to Luca becoming more "occupied" with the physical multiverse)
  • Misery and Evil (manipulated many events to do with Evil's rise (and fall) from power, Misery's "sacrifice" and "return" as well as events leading to the ultimate imprisonment of Misery during the Twilight of The Gods)


Known Hosts

Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising02:18

Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising

Amarok's "theme"


The Hatter | Psychosis | Jack Of All Trades | Amok | Amarok

Crimson | Dormouse | Muse | Set | Eris | Obsession | Catatonia | Paraphilia | Pyromania

Metus | Gepetto | Pathos |


Realm of Madness

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