Many years ago, a group of humans started believing in different Gods. These humans were later called The Revolutionaries. They called them the Ancient Ones. The Ancient Ones exist out of three being: Agatha, Aurea and their leader Aldo. The Gods decided to grant the humans that worshipped them a small part of their magic. The Revolutionaries used their magic to create The Twilight Realm and became the first inhabitants of Silvast, still worshipping The Ancient Ones.

However, The Revolutionaries didn't manage to convince others and their own children turned against The Ancient Ones. This angered The Ancient Ones, who are still planning their comeback to Silvast.

The Ancient Ones don't enjoy interfering with the daily lives of mortals and live on top of Mount Golendia, where the Revolutionaries built a temple to worship them. It is impossible for one to find and scale this mountain, unless he finds all six stones that are created by the Ancient Ones to protect their home.

The Ancient Ones first appeared in the Omniwar story.