Andras is a higher demon who exists to spread discord amongst both mortals and immortals alike, part of the Evil Host.



Andras embodies strife, treachery and discord - as such he takes delight in anguish and chaos, especially when it comes from causes former friends or loved ones to betray one another : he is also a collector of life-force energy and like many higher demons is very possessive of any "souls" he may of managed to capture, treating them as personal property.

If confronted by an opponent that is stronger than himself Andras becomes quite cowardly and will flee, yet is also vengeful and will spend many years plotting ways to exact revenge on those that humiliate him : when people willingly serve or worship him Andras is much more bold and treats them with contempt, fully confident in his superiority over those too weak to fend for themselves.

Powers / Abilities

  • Immortality (Andras is unable to die and is immune to conventional injuries or disease)
  • Stellakinesis (Andras can open / close dimensional portals, summon lesser demons and reside in pocket realms for prolonged periods of time)
  • Shape-Shifting (Andras can take the form of an owl, a human, a hybrid of the two, a rotten tree or a glowing red orb)
  • Sword of Strife (Andras carries the Sword of Strife, which causes mental anguish rather than physical harm - slicing apart a victim's mental resolve much as a normal blade cuts at flesh and bone)
  • Talons of Treachery (Andras feet are replaced with powerful, cursed talons in his true-form that cause victims to attack friends and loved ones if cut by them or allows Andras to obtain a near-unbreakable grasp of a victim if he chooses to grab at them)
  • Song of Discord (Andras knows the Song of Discord, which causes those who hear it to become confusioned, stunned or paralysed)
  • Life-Force Collection



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