Annunaki is a Mesopotamian god turned judge of demonic affairs after the fall of the Mesopotamian pantheon, he appears as an antagonist in the Absolute Wars dungeon-crawling game and is also a part of the Villains Lore.


Annunaki began life as a member of the Mesopotamian pantheon, when his pantheon lost influence in the mortal world he degenerated into a demon but retained much of his divine power : as such he became a unique and powerful figure within the infernal realms, a judge of sorts on demonic affairs.

Thus out of the traditional chaos of the infernal realms was born a twisted order retained by Annunaki, whereby hell-lords that felt wronged by a rival could call upon the "great judge" to pass his judgement : this became known as the Court of Infernal Judgement.


Annunaki is the "great judge" of demons and minor hell-lords, he passes judgement upon such beings and once passed his sentence is considered supreme : this has bestowed a great sense of responsibility on Annunaki but due to his degeneration into a demon he is also inventively cruel and his punishments are hellish, even to demons, thus he acts as a terrible means to keep order even amidst the chaos of the infernal realms by installing fear in those that have bare witness to his torturous punishments.

Powers / Abilities

  • Immortality (Annunaki is completely immortal, unable to die under any circumstances)
  • Stellakinesis (Annunaki is able to open / close dimensional portals, form bolts of cosmic energy and even exist in the vaccuum of space without harm: he is also in complete control of the Court of Infernal Judgement)
  • Binding (Annunaki is a master of Binding magic, able to contain beings as powerful as lower-tier Hell-Lords)
  • Warding (Annunaki is a master of Warding magic, sufficient to ward the attacks of lower-tier Hell Lords)

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