"In this cruel, unforgiving world, good and evil mean nothing to me. The only concept that matters- the only thing that guarantees that you will survive another day is power. And I am power."

~Anthony Ryder

Ladykiller (metaphorically), and mankiller (literally), Anthony Ryder is the younger brother to Alan Ryder. His whereabouts are unknown, but he is associated with the organization Guillotine, which seeks to exterminate both "heroes" and "villains". Just before Anthony turned seventeen, his parents were killed in a superhuman hate crime. Only a few months later, his elder brother Alan disappeared, leaving Anthony alone with four younger siblings. Resentful of his family and what he was left with, Anthony left as well, quickly becoming hardened by the "real world" and relying on his superpowers to survive, quickly becoming shaped into a powerful fighter, capable of murder without regret.

Thus, Anthony began his career as an assassin, working for pay to take out any target that was requested of him. This went on for several years, until Anthony finally began an organization of mercenaries who were trained to kill without a second thought. Naming themselves "Guillotine", they set out to eliminate powerful superheroes, villians, politicians, and anyone else of importance. Anthony Ryder may be connected to the group Illuminati.


Anthony is a rather loud person, who likes to pick fights and show off; however, he can be a very quiet and serious person when he is thinking or concentrating on a task. Anthony is ridiculously thin, but incredibly lithe, nimble, and surprisingly strong and resilient despite his stature, even without his powers. He has icey-blue eyes and dark-blond hair. Anthony considers the higher-up members of Guillotine to be his "family," having established bonds of trust with each. His reason for doing so is currently unknown.


  • Density Control (Anthony can pass through objects, become so solid as to become virtually indestructible, and even ignore the laws of gravity. He can also transfer this ability to anything he touches.)
  • Master Marksman (Anthony is skilled with nearly every firearm that he has ever picked up.)

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