"Welcome to my woooOOOoooooorrrld. Stupid useless beeeeeiinnnnnggggsss. LoooooOOOOOOtttsss to do and seeeEeeeeeEEe. Here, in my body of machineeeerrrrryyyy..."

~Anu-Oie's voice inside the realm itself, addressing to anyone caught by it

Anu-Oie is a machine-dimension created to house the souls, bodies, or powerful objects Seya finds to be a danger to him. It's uses for simply that make it to be a personal Hell for anyone who would stand up to Seya and his purposes for ruling over other dimensions. This machine apparently is somewhat sentient, as it judges what is a danger and what is not, for the sake of Seya, yet it is severely limited in that aspect.
On the simple note, it appears to be a regular vortex that appears at random spots of the universe, but if pulled inside, one will find themselves in a factory with no escape.

Said factory produces the greatest fears for it's captives and uses that against them, as such, it's uses for assisting Seya make this thing one of his favorites to have.

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