"I have no need for statues or palaces, let the battlefield be my monument and let each man who obeys without question be my pillar.." ~ The Voice

The Architect is one of Ten Golden Keepers and currently the only one who is playing a major role in the mainstream universe - having first appeared during the attack on the Dramon home-world the Architect was noticably abscent during the earth-shattering event known as Warcry yet would return in Destroyer thanks to the help of the Sleepers.


The Architect is the Grand-Commander of the Golden Empire, making him second only to The Voice himself in terms of power, he is the only Golden Keeper who The Voice regards as a son. Partof his job is to ensure the gears of war that keep the Golden Empire running never cease and that the enemies of the Voice are reminded of the futility of their actions.


The Architect is the least modified of the Ten Golden Keepers and as a result is an almost identical copy of The Voice in appearance.

Powers / Abilities

  • Regeneration (the Architect can regenerate on the molecular-scale, meaning it would take an attack so immense that it destroyed him on a submolecular-level in order to truly kill him)
  • Higher-Learned:- (although not granted full freedom from The Voice's control the Architect is more than a single-minded servant and can formulate his own plans and ambitions, however these ambitions are limited by the fact he is programmed to see The Voice both as a father figure and an unquestionable authority-figure)
  • Neo-Human (as of Judgement Day the Architect (alongside alll other Keepers) became a "Neo-Human" and thus has direct contact with the Neo-Voice and access to almost all the Golden Empire's resources (with his master's permission) )



The Council of Voices

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