Armies of At Err is an upcoming series that directly follows the introductory short stories beginning with Running Scared - it is late set in Book V and continues into Book VI.


Resistance Movement

The Resistance Movement are made up of At Err Citizens who have decided to take a stand against the Invaders which threaten their world, waging a hidden war against them while trying to protect a world that often sees them as terrorists, criminals or mad.. The Resistance Movement are often citizens who have been torn from their families and friends, forced into a desperate battle for survival and united by a common goal: survival.


The Invaders are a sinister section of the ISDF who have broken away from the mainstream organization, dedicated to capturing At Err for unknown reasons they engage in ruthless tactics such as kidnap, murder and worse.. most disturbing of all is the "recruitment" of At Err citizens who are willing to toss aside loyalty to planet and species, joining the Invaders in their conquest of the world..


Some citizens of At Err do not fall into the main groups - they are dangerous individuals who have often lost everything and are driven by desperation and despair, willing to exploit both sides for their own gain or alternatively seeking revenge without caring for the tactics they have to use to obtain it..

ARMIES OF AT ERR (confirmed stories)

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