"..I was the first, Suzie.. look at me now.. what chance do you have?"

The "Artist" is a mysterious character who played an important role in the creation of Betwixt as the toon he is known as today, originally appearing as a shadowy figure of considerable size (later revealed as a feline) and being greatly feared by almost all toons it was this figure that gave Betwixt the "second chance" he desired and transformed him from his original form as an anthropomorphic frog into the anthropomorphic rabbit he currently is.

Artist has been active since 1916 - making him the oldest Toon in the Betwixt mythos.

Artist is also the most powerful Toon in the Betwixt mythos, surpassing even Betwixt in scale - much of Artist's incredible power is revealed via Dark Muse, in which he acts as a secondary antagonist.

after the events of Toon Wars the true extent of Artist's evil is exposed and he fulfils his role as an agent of the Presence, a role he shall continue well into the Immortals era..


Dark Muse

Children At Play

During the Children At Play story Artist's origina were explored further and he made his first modern appearance since Dark Muse - where he would try to corrupt a young Betwixt Jr. before disappearing back into the shadows.

The Last Laugh

Artist will play a bigger role in the Last Laught storyarc

Toon Wars

Artist will be one of the main antagonists of Toon Wars

The Carnival Master (Original creepy music)-002:17

The Carnival Master (Original creepy music)-0

Artist's (un)official theme (Innocence Lost)

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