Atlantis was an ancient city that existed on Earth in Prehistory but was destroyed around about 9564 BC by an unknown catalcysm that saw it sink into the surrounding sea - it has since become a legendary "lost" civilization but unlike the mystical land of Hildaland Atlantis is ruins and does not support life.

However it is rumored that the ruins of Atlantis still hold many ancient and deadly war-machines, mystic artifacts and forbidden lore - which was bestowed upon the long dead people of Atlantis by an ancient "god" that ultimately led them to their destruction (later hinted at being The Unborn).

Atlantis has yet to appear in the Villains Wiki universe but will be touched upon in future stories - though the ruins of Atlantis itself shall remain (for now) out of the reach of adventurers.. its dark secrets being far too dangerous to risk discovery..

Atlantis is first explored proper in the as of yet incomplete Monsters saga and is set to be a central part of an Era 2 story concerning Evil (under her new role as "Misery") and Neptune.

Atlantis is situated in the Cape Verde Basin, at a depth of around 23,600ft below sea level.