Auburn is the upcoming antagonist of Paint It Red - she is a fusion of Red and Misery as well as the temporary embodiment of Retribution.

Auburn has long been considered one of only Absolutes to be permanently "destroyed" following the separation of Red and Misery at the end of Paint It Red - however this was only made possible by the fact that Hubris is the spirit of vengeance and thus the universe did not require Auburn's presence to goven itself properly (had Hubris not existed then Auburn would of become a true eternal).

Although originally quite proud of her part in the Auburn incident Misery would later express "disappointment" as she theorized the introduction of vengeance into the already unstable Red may of hastened her transformation into Carmine and by extension fuelled her future murderous campaigns.

Powers / Abilities

Auburn has access to all of Misery and Red's abilities, granted her the following powers:

  • Dimensional-Control (Auburn can can exist in multiple realities at once, effortlessly bypass most barriers and create new realms as she sees fit - gaining complete control over them in the process)
  • Astral-Existence (Auburn can exist in a ghostly state for prolonged periods of time)
  • Empathic Manipulation (Auburn can manipulate negative emotions in others)
  • Omnipresence (Auburn can appear at any point in space/time she pleases and even appear at multiple places at once)
  • Omniscience (Auburn is knowledgable on all beings and events across innumerable worlds and realities)
  • Time-Alteration (Auburn can appear in the past, present or future of any time-line she pleases)
  • Shape-Shifting (Auburn can take on any form she desires)
  • Vengeance (Auburn's fury is now fuelled by revenge, making her increasingly more powerful as she defeats those who have wronged her)
  • Axe of Vengeance (the Huntsman's Axe under Auburn's command is reshaped into the "Axe of Vengeance" and can inflict emotional damage to enemies relative to how much they have offended Red in the past)

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