Avenging Angel is the sequel to the short story He Who Laughs Last and involves the aftermath of Freedom-Striker being put into a coma by Kane, with Liberator and other heroes struggling to keep themselves in check a new and dangerous vigilante surfaces intent on purifying the city via violence and terror, using the persona of Freedom-Striker himself..


It had been less than two nights since Phoenix had first laid her eyes on the man who was now calling himself Freedom-Striker, a brutal and unforgiving vigilante who made even Phoenix unnerved: she had no problem with killing criminals.. they deserved what they got.. yet as reports flooded in of vicious gangland-style executions.. of missing limbs and broken bones.. she began to wonder how much was enough.. there was a thin line between justice and tyranny.

Yet as Phoenix thought on this she also looked over to the frail form of another man who once called himself Freedom-Striker, he hadn't opened his eyes in days and Phoenix was almost thankful in a way - she knew if Freedom-Striker was aware of what was being committed under his name he would try and stop it personally.. it was exactly that reckless bravado that brought him to this lonely hospital bed.

Phoenix had searched every night for the one responsible for Freedom-Striker's condition, yet her efforts turned to dust - the only clue she ever got was in the form of a sadistic card that arrived in Freedom-Striker's ward one day, resembling something a child would draw - a large smiling face and a hand print made from green paint:

"Have A Nice Day!" was all the card read, in fancy lettering - Phoenix had torn the card apart yet she still remembered it vividly.

"..Striker? ..if you can hear me.. wake up.. I.. I need you.. Striker.. I.. I'm scared.." Phoenix whispered, lowering her head as she fought back tears..

Chapter 1

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