Avian is a mutant superhero who fights crime by night while earning money as a model by day despite her obvious mutation - she is a lovable rogue who enjoys teasing people but has a heart of gold and would never intentionally harm anyone unless they threatened her or someone she loved: at the same time she is quick to stand up to those who break the law and as such could be considered the best friend one could ever want and the worst enemy one could ever make.


Avian was born with large angelic wings and was regarded as an angel by her parents, this acceptance and nurturing would provide Avian with the strength she needed to overcome the prejudice she suffered and she grew into a very sociable, lively individual who won people over with her sweet nature - she even managed to secure a job as a model and continues to feature prominently on the covers of several superhuman fashion magazines: Avian tries to use her work to encourage other mutants to pursue their dreams and accept what they are - this has won her both praise and criticism from many different groups.

By night however Avian dedicates herself to fighting crime, having always been taught that with her great power comes a great responsibility - she's once jokingly said that the whole power and responsibility deal always seemed like a cliche line from some comic-book but she respected it regardless.


  • Enhanced Flexibility (due in part to her bones being akin to cartilege she is more flexible than a normal human)
  • Enhanced Agility (she is more agile than a normal human)
  • Cartilege (her bones act like cartilege, granting her limited immunity to impacts that would break normal bone)
  • Enhanced Speed (she is capable of speeds superior to normal humans)
  • Winged-Flight (she can fly utilizing her large angelic wings)

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