Avici is a creature spoken of in the legends of the Ankes and seen as an enemy of Pandemonium, though she is infinitely less powerful than the supreme being - indeed it is Avici's imperfection which drives her and in many ways she is envisioned as Pandemonium's opposite.

A being of order she wanders the cosmos and seeks to bring eras of peace and tranquility, yet in the process she causes stagnation as worlds are denied the chaos and destruction which is necessary for life to fully develop - eventually this stagnation causes horrific mutation and depravity (compared by the Ankes to the effects of long term inbreeding).

Unable to admit that her ways are flaws Avici abandons such worlds to their fate and continues her path of ruin, seeing herself as superior even to Pandemonium and unable to understand why so many oppose her "aid".

Despite Avici being a creature of order she is known to be a part of the Five Lords of Malice and frequently works with the other Lords of Malice, who are far more chaotic in thinking than she is - due to this Avici's pride once again acts up and she often sees herself as the only Lord of Malice with any true sense and plays along with the others only out of a desire to someday surpass them and become the supreme being she knows she is..


Avici is an incredibly powerful demonic being, having powers far superior to your average superhuman and a minor degree of cosmic influence:

  • Immortality (Avici is a demonic embodiment of pride and stagnation, as long as these concepts remain in the multiverse she will continue to exist in some fashion)
  • Hell Lord (Avici is one of numerous demonic entities that is considered a "Hell Lord" in the minds of mortals, having complete control over her own dimension and those within it)
  • Omniscience (Avici has knowledge of almost every being, location and event in the multiverse unless specifically stated otherwise)
  • Stagnation (Avici is a supreme master of Stagnation, a sub-type of the all-powerful Decay ability)
  • Merging (Avici can merge other beings into horrific hybrid-forms that require advanced magic or science to reverse - the process triggered via touch, like an artist molding clay)
  • Auto-Genesis (Avici can create many smaller versions of herself that can act independently and be absorbed back into her at will, often acting as scouts and decoys)
  • Summoning (Avici can summon beings to and from her own realm as well as other lower-planes that lack a ruler : for example she may summon a demon or follower from her realm or one from a "wild realm", yet can not summon one from a lower-realm under the command of a rival Hell Lord)

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