Baby is a character who plays an important role in Betwixt's origin story, a director of Laugh-A-Lot studios he is a Toon that resembles a humanoid baby, though he has the manners of a stereotypical Hollywood director and often resents being called by his real name.

Baby acted the second-in-command of the Wasteland Resistance from its beginning until the aftermath of Toon Wars, though he was rarely seen in person and acted more as a director - much as he did in the past..

Following the aftermath of Toon Wars Baby would take more control over the Wasteland Resistance and openly condemned Suzie's relationship with Betwixt - whi he still saw as dangerous, after a heated debate over ethics Suzie would leave the Wasteland Resistance and Baby became the new leader of a much darker Wasteland Resistance but his reign would be rather short, lasting only six issues of Tales of Nowhere.

Baby has been active since 1919 - making him one of the oldest Toons in the Betwixt mythos, second only to Artist.

Baby would be cast into the Land Of Nowhere in 1938, two years after Suzie.


Dark Muse

Baby is a major protagonist in Dark Muse, set in the 1930s it is by far the most sympathetic incarnation of Baby and shows him at his most heroic.

Children At Play

Baby is a major protagonist in Children At Play, the first time he is introduced as such in the modern era, he is quick to turn darker in this story however and became progressively worse in later stories - during the events of Children At Play however he was still a hero, albeit one showing signs of degenerating into an antagonist.

The Last Laugh

Baby is a protagonist in the Last Laugh, much like in Children At Play he is a dark anti-hero but still shows redeeming qualities - however at this point he is showing himself going even further down the dark path to an antagonist.

Toon Wars

Baby is a protagonist in Toon Wars and due to the sheer intensity of the conflict it could be argued he was at his most heroic during this event, though his actions in both "Children At Play" and "The Last Laugh" are not without notice, he also shows himself as capable of feats just as reckless and cruel as Betwixt, thus cementing his future role as an antagonist.

Tales of Nowhere

Baby's shift from an anti-hero to an antagonist occured after the events of Toon Wars, abusive towards Betwixt Jr. and Suzie he quickly tossed aside what little sympathetic traits he had during the pre-Toon Wars era and became an outright villain in his treatment of others.

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