Bantam is in many ways both the "brains" of the Rejects - born with several avian-like features he was mocked by other children growing up but was much loved by his mother and father, who encouraged their son to live a "normal" life yet did not despair when he decided to don on his "chicken-suit" and fight crime, thinking it a "phase".

Several years on Bantam's "phase" has become an obsession and due to his appearance and attitude he was unable to be taken seriously in the mainstream hero community - until he would come across Bounce and together they worked on the Rejects as a concept, which would be finalized a few months later when the pair found Brute at a diner and "founded" the Rejects as a team.


Powers / Abilities

  • Invention (Bantam is a superhuman-inventor specializing in egg-themed items)
  • Claws
  • Enhanced Sight

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