Jeniyus stood in the lit museum, looking all around for Metrinos. "I know he's here somewhere," she thought.

Then, a voice from behind her called out, "Peekaboo!"

Startled, she gasped and spun around to face Metrinos, standing with his back to a wall with many large windows. The night sky was visible through them, rectangles of blackness, dotted with beautiful stars.

Metrinos chuckled and folded his hands behind his back. "Looks like I'm the one who snuck up on you this time!"

"Heh, yeah," Jeniyus answered, a slight grimace on her face. She didn't like surprises. Then, she regained a bit of composure, and asked, "Is there anything in particular you're trying to steal from this museum?"

"Indeed, there is! I'm after the mythical Red Diamond of South America. It's worth at least two-million dollars, and it has quite an interesting story behind it!" He tilted his head slightly to the side. "Would you happen to know of this story?"

Jeniyus shook her head. "No," she responded, mentally preparing herself for a long story that she knew Metrinos would regale her with.

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