Barton Bass is an emotionally unstable superhuman with a fear of time, which manifested by him destroying every clock he came across as well as his ritualistic murder of both young and old in an effort to try and "equalize time".

As such Bass would become an enemy of Clandestine due to the bizarre nature of his psychosis, like numerous other antagonists in Clandestine he is revealed to be the victim of "radio-waves" unleashed by Dollhouse.

Powers / Abilities

  • Flash Step (Bass can move at incredible speed across very small distances, appearing as if he has teleported to the naked eye)
  • Evil Eye (making eye-contact with Bass runs the risk of becoming nauseous, dizzy or disorientated)
  • Paralysing Poison (Bass utilizes paralysing poison in his knives, making them extremely dangerous - the effects of this poison can last hours unless treated but is not fatal in itself)

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