Sign of The Betwixt Empire

The Betwixt Empire are all Toons in the Land Of Nowhere who swore to serve Betwixt during his reign as a tyrant - (from his first appearance until the climax of Toon Wars).

They were given access to Betwixt Land as a result and were treated as "citizens" of Betwixt's world - yet due to Betwixt's ruling style they were in reality little more than minions by which he spread his influence.

The Betwixt Empire were noticable by their uniforms, which resembled the police uniforms of the early 20s found in America.

The Betwixt Empire stood in opposition to the Wasteland Resistance - who sought to stop Betwixt's influence from spreading.

Following the end of Toon Wars the Betwixt Empire is now known as the "Liberated" Empire and is under the command of Suzie and Betwixt Jr.

Original Empire

"Liberated" Empire

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