The second story involving Evil in her temporary role as the new "Misery" - focusing on her involvement in the recent Shift incident and how she clashes with Red Hood and the Wonderland survivors, with appearances from Jack and Gepetto as well as the return of one of Red's Monarchy..

It occurs a month after The Shift (7 months after Dark Waters )


Chapter 1

(in order to cause as much pain and suffering as possible in the Wonderland community Evil helps Gepetto gain a position as a successful businessman and aids Jack in murdering several survivors as Red Hood begins to sense Evil's influence)

Chapter 2

(Evil continues to aid Gepetto and Jack while Red Hood plans a daring counter-assault on Evil as retaliation, however things start to become complicated for both sides as a mysterious figure starts to appear and begins to carve a path of destruction through Evil's minions and even manages to apparently "cut" Jack, making him flee..)

Chapter 3

(Red Hood pursues Gepetto as part of her assault on Evil while also starting to wonder on the origins of the mysterious newcomer, who once again shows up and prepares to kill Gepetto only to be caught by surprise as Gepetto is revealed to be Jack.. who flees the scene, informing the group they were far too late to stop the "fun" : after Jack leaves the group finally find out the mysterious figure is Alice Heart.. the first Monarch)

Chapter 4

(the real Gepetto is revealed to be in the process of abducting the entirety of the Wonderland refugee's child population with modified Cyclone technology - Red Hood joins forces with Alice Heart to stop this madness while also fighting against Evil, who is empowering Gepetto from the shadows.. Jack has long since gone, opting to leave the "ending to chance")

Chapter 5

(the group get to reconcile after Gepetto is spirited away by Hatter and Evil is forced to return to Melachony.. Red Hood exchanges words with Alice Heart and the two leave on bad terms, the future of Wonderland is left very much unstable.. meanwhile in Baba Yaga's cabin the ancient witch, who had been observing the events from a cauldron, converses with a figure in white and warns them of something, the figure in white states their case and Baba Yaga hands over a dripping thorn, saying it'll "do the trick")

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