The Black Sheep is an infamous creature that is said to bring bad luck and misery to any that have it, yet in their bitter rivalry both Bo Bep and Boy Blue often fought over possession of the animal - to the point that when it mysteriously vanished one day they were both quick to blame one another for the crime.


Resistance - The Flock

During the events of The Flock the infamous Black Sheep was allegedly stolen, with Bo Bep and Boy Blue both accusing each other of the theft - in the end it was discovered that the Black Sheep was actually intelligent enough to not only escape Bo Bep but deliberately play on the rivalry between her and Boy Blue to cause havoc for its own amusement : in the end the Sheep was returned to Bo Bep after Boy Blue finally decided that Bo Bep could have the cursed creature, not appreciating being framed by a "farm animal".

Post-Shift Era

  • The Black Sheep is set to return in the Post-Shift Era, once again under the "care" of Bo Bep - who it still enjoys causing trouble for, despite her status as its guardian.

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