Blight is a disfigured antihero who is wanted in several countries for the brutal murder and torture of several criminals: he is obsessed with tracking down gangs and seems to be driven by an unstoppable desire to see all gangs wiped out of existence, this obsession has led him to take on HAG, Skulls, Ferals and Dollhouse.


Blight's history is blurred and rarely talked about, what is known for certain is that he was caught in a fire at an early age started by a gang and lost not only his family but a large portion of his skin - although doctors managed to save his life he was left with massive scarring across his entire body and became unhinged as a result.

Blight would proceed to track down the gang that burnt down his home and killed them all in gruesomely inventive ways before he started to target others: soon authorities found themselves looking at a trail of dead bodies and called on the aid of Agent Red to track down the vigilante responsible and bring them to justice - after a confrontation Blight and Agent Red decided to make a truce when Agent Red began to sympathise with Blight despite his differing views on justice and the two went their separate ways once more.

Blight has killed many criminals since that day and is still a wanted man, though some villains have managed to escape his wrath: these villains are on Blight's radar now as targets he will hunt down no matter the cost - Omega-Skull and Runt being the most notable.


Physically Blight is abnormally skinny and is roughly 5ft 8in in height - he has blue eyes and blonde hair but rarely reveals his face as he is also badly scarred due to burns, these scars cover almost the entire length of his body and as a result he is rarely seen outwith his costume. Blight's costume is a black stealth-suit with red stripes running down the lower-legs and arms as well as a mask that covers his entire face that is also black with red stripes running down either side of the face - he carries two large machetes with him wherever he goes as well as many smaller knives, usually strapped onto his uniform.

Powers / Abilities

  • Severed Nerves (due to his horrific burns Blight is extremely resilient to pain, this does not mean he's more durable than an ordinary human - he simply does not register the pain of his injuries)
  • Iron Will (just as his body is resilient to pain so too is Blight's mind desensitized to many psychological states such as terror, fear or panic - enabling him to stay focused in situations that would drive others insane)
  • Knifeman (Blight is an expert on knives and small blades (such as machetes) - this also includes the use of throwing-knives)

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