Blood Magic is a forbidden and depraved branch of Dark Magic which is rarely utilized by mortals due to its nature, however it is the magic of choice for Glaistigs and the supernatural serial-killer known as Ted also has access to the lower-tier spell deck due to his knowledge of the forbidden occult.


Tier I - Novice

  • Tainted Blood (the Blood Mage's blood, when exposed to the open, becomes akin to acid and can damage those it gets in contact with)
  • Blood Stain (a Blood Mage can look at a blood stain and gain insight into the past of whoever made said blood stain)
  • Curatio Veins (a Blood Mage can seal their wounds and stop blood from escaping)
  • Vampiric Bite (a Blood Mage can keep themselves youthful via biting others and draining them of blood - this must be done to a living creature and must entail the process of biting a victim)

Tier II - Student

  • Vampiric Blood (as well as being dangerous a Blood Mage's exposed blood is now able to drain life from those it touches)
  • Icy Veins (Blood Mages can mystically "freeze" their own blood in order to immunize themselves from subzero temperatures)
  • Blood Fever (Blood Mages can also mystically "heat" their own blood in order to withstand great heat)
  • Blood Aura (Blood Mages produce a unique aura which allows them to shift between the varied Aura-Fields with relative ease)

Tier III - Expert

  • Living Blood (experienced Blood Mages can manipulate their exposed blood, shaping it into weapons and armor)
  • Blood Golem (experienced Blood Mages can create servants made out of semisolid blood)
  • Blood Orb (experienced Blood Mages can store blood within mystical orbs - which produce force-fields of blood around those holding said orb)
  • Blood Scroll (experienced Blood Mages can create scrolls enscribed with blood, these scrolls strengthen or weaken other spells in the Blood Magic deck)

Tier IV - Master

  • Blood Boil (a Master of Blood Magic can cause their enemy's blood to literally boil in their veins, with lethal results)
  • Blood Portal (a Master of Blood Magic can create a portal of Blood which transports them and any who follow into a dimension of living blood where they made reside until such time as a danger has passed)
  • Blood Pool (a Master of Blood Magic can create a pool of blood which when created can be used to empower weapons, armor or living beings via submerging them in the pool - the blood hardening around them and granting them a second-layer of "skin" that enhances any mystic or superhuman quality within them)

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