==== Blood of the Martyr ====

This is a power source in the Superheroes Universe. When Jeniyus came to Earth 2, she opted to undergo a procedure that will inject her with “the Blood of the Martyr.” This substance is blood obtained from a dead hero from the Guild of Heroes. This hero was known for donating as much as he could to various credible charities that looked out for people who truly needed the most help, such as people in famine and/or war-stricken nations. He met with a tragic end when he was shot in the head. Thanks to his powers, his head was unable to feel pain, so the bullet did not hurt when it pierced his skull, and his family was grateful that, at the very least, he didn’t suffer. Given the hero’s life of charity works, and sacrificing his time and resources to help others, the Guild of Heroes dubbed him an honorary martyr.

Long before he died, he requested that, upon his death, his blood be used for scientific research. His whole life, he knew his blood was special, but didn’t know precisely how. He knew this from the strange feeling he got whenever he shed his blood. And whenever anyone saw his blood, they swore that it appeared to almost glow.

It was discovered that injecting this blood into people could make them, permanently, more powerful in a few ways. If the person does not have superpowers, it will give them enhanced endurance and resilience. If the person already has superpowers, those powers will be amplified to a degree, and the person will also receive the aforementioned enhanced endurance and resilience.

However, the Blood of the Martyr can only resonate with people who possess high levels of empathy. All other people injected with the blood will gain nothing, and the blood will simply be flushed from their system eventually. When injected into people with high levels of empathy, the blood will spread throughout their every vein, and remain there for the rest of the person’s life, enhancing their abilities as previously stated. Fifty-seven members of the Guild of Heroes signed up for this procedure, Jeniyus being number twenty-seven. However, the blood only resonated with thirty-four heroes. The heroes enhanced abilities were quite weak when compared to the power of the martyr who died. However, their powers were amplified to a decent extent, and they gained increased stamina and resilience.

The scientists desired to make enhanced super-soldiers that would protect Earth 2 for as long as they were willing. However, they were disappointed that the enhanced superheroes were not nearly as strong as the martyr himself.

Regardless, the enhanced heroes feel that their increased abilities make fighting the Guild of Villains easier, and so, they are grateful to the scientists who made them stronger.

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