"Your body now belongs to me - don't feel sad, even though you are going to die a horrible death I'm really quite grateful for the time we shall share together.. can I get you anything before your mind starts to snap?" ~ Boots

The entity known only as "Boots" is perhaps one of the most bizarre and dangerous of the multiverse's innumerable menaces - being a magical entity that takes the form of a pair of seeming sentient boots that have a murderous, psychopathic nature.


It is not fully know how "Boots" came into existence but it is theorized it was once a mad magician's experiment that grew too powerful to be controlled and set out on its own crusade of terror across the multiverse, although able to form its own psychokinetic avatars it took to preying on others and took full advantage of its unique appearance to trap victims and possess them, using them to commit unspeakable crimes and "riding" them until they were utterly destroyed by the entity eating away at them.

Continuing into the modern age "Boots" shows no sign of remorse nor discontinuing its ages long crime-spree and has continually shown not only a psychotic need to cause havoc but an addiction to possessing and killing others, making it especially feared amongst the criminals of the mystical underground.

Powers / Abilities

  • Psychokinesis (Boots is a vastly powerful psychokinetic able to make psychokinetic avatars for itself when not possessing a host body, these avatars can mimick superhuman strength, speed and an assortment of other powers at will - when possessing host bodies that are not superhuman Boots can bestow them with similar psychokinetic powers)
  • Alien Anatomy (Boots is completely alien in design and can not feel pain, nor does it require air or any kind of food/drink to survive)
  • Immortality (Boots is immortal and although it can be "destroyed" it will regenerate after a short time-span, indeed it would take an attack capable of destroying it on a molecular-level to truly "kill" Boots)
  • Possession (Boots can possess any living being that wears it, becoming near-impossible to remove and gaining a psychic-link to a victim that allows Boots to take control of their body (but not their minds) - in the case of superhumans it also gains control over their powers and traps a victim in a state of being fully aware of the actions they are being forced to commit but being unable to do anything about it (however Boots can be forced to exit a host if they fight back sufficiently, usually this takes strong willpower or psychic aid) )
  • Vampirism (Boots will continually drain a host of energy, withering them into nothingness - this process can not be reversed until Boots is either removed or the host dies)

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