Boreas is the secondary antagonist of the upcoming story Return of The Sky Castle, with Pietus acting as the true antagonist from behind-the-scenes - Boreas is one of the last Pegasus to exist on Earth and his eventual defeat in Return of The Sky Castle would spark interest in Earth once more by the omniversal tyrant known as Nettle and pave the way for the fateful raid of Pietus' stronghold by the woman who would become Random.



Boreas is a humanoid Pegasus - standing taller than most humans at 9ft in height he is a regal figure with pure white skin, angelic wings and a magnificant golden mane in place of hair, he also has hooves in place of feet but has three-fingered hands and a relatively human face with glowing gold orbs for eyes.

He dresses in the style of a Roman soldier minus the helmet and his armor is pure gold - in place of a weapon he has a golden staff that channels the natural elemental power of his kind.


Boreas was originally a noble ruler who alongside the other Pegasus helped to monitor the elemental plane of the Sky - valuing law and order as well as respect for other species Boreas was devastated when the age of magic came to an end and his kind were amongst the first to leave Earth until eventually the last magical empire fell in 1506.

This would cause Boreas to become darker and more prone to corruption, something Pietus would take advantage of as a part of a lengthy process lasting to the modern age.

Powers / Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Winged Flight
  • Weather Manipulation
  • Eye of Eternity

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