Boss-Man is the right-hand to Lenny and one of the leading members of the Vicious Circle, a society of crime-lords that work together to try and ensure dominance over their respective territories, though they often backstab one another due to the nature of organized crime.

Boss-Man is the "official" leader of New York's street gangs whilst Lenny deals with the more "organized" portions of crime (such as big business and corruption): yet despite holding the power to topple Lenny Boss-Man is as loyal as a son to the crime-lord and will fight to the death to defend him, having formed a strong friendship with Lenny ever since they were young men at the botton of New York's criminal underbelly.

Well-versed in street fighting Boss-Man would obtain the Herculian Glove during a raid on a city museum and through it now has superhuman strength in that arm, which makes him greatly feared amongst lesser criminals and even some superhumans.


Powers / Abilities

  • Herculian Glove (Boss-Man has the Herculian Glove, which grants him superhuman strength on his left arm)

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