Bounce is the leader of the Rejects and despite being a very kind and compassionate individual who cares deeply for both his own team and the superhuman community as a whole is constantly overshadowed by more "popular" heroes and thus is considered a second-tier hero by most of the world.

Despite this Bounce continually leads his team in defeating threats that are considered "below" that of "top-tier" heroes or situations that are simply too bizarre for other heroes to tackle - this means he has helped save multiple universes on numerous occassions yet seldom gets thanks for his work.

Lesser heroes may of given up or become cynical due to this treatment but Bounce shrugs it off, truly believing that rewards are not necessary and cherising the very act of doing the "right" thing - though due to his compassionate nature he tries his best not to force his personal code of "right" and "wrong" on others and will try to reason with even the most dangerous of enemies, abhoring violence and only using it when he feels there is no other way or when confronted with blatant displays of graitous criminal behavior.


Bounce is a fair skinned human male of around 5ft 8in in height, with black hair and green eyes - having what most would consider an "average" build for a man of his age (roughly late-twenties).

Bounce tends to dress in an orange jumpsuit - which is considered a personal "trademark" of his and one he defends, claiming it to be his own style despite its simplicity.

Powers / Abilities

  • Elasticity (Bounce is able to turn into an organic "rubber" that is able to stretch as well as bounce, this also gives him great durability and shape-shifting skills limited only by his own imagination.)

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