This machine is in charge of 'The Playpen', at Blade HQ. He is the only attendant that works there and being a machine he does it for free, though he often hints he does not enjoy this predicament.

He was built using a good portion of the funds of Tulwar's will and is virtually indestructable. He is also mostly immobile too and is not able to leave the day care center, due to his sheer size and the fact that leaving goes against his programing. His voice system is not perfect and he has a very robotic voice, his speech filled with many grammar and syntax errors.

He is connected to all parts of the day-care and can access all of its many features (something that is often required to keep up with super-children). Being that he does not have to move to keep up with them, he often sits stationary near the entrance to greet parents and attendants.

Brick is as neutral as a someone can get and allows any individual with superpowers to leave their children at The Playpen, from the most pure of heroes to the most vile of villains. The only time he would deny entry to someone would be if they posed a threat the children in attendance.

While Brick has no super powers and is purely, he has no problem dealing with problematic dealing with those who are on the Maxima power tier and may even be able to keep those of higher power from gaining entry. He does this with [oh shit.. late to class. I'll finish this later.]

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