The Brotherhood of War is an organisation devoted to following the archvillain known as Warmonger, they are akin to a personality-cult and are loyal to Warmonger's will - seeking to aid him in his quest to plunge the world into an eternal state of war, though a great many of the Brotherhood Of War serve him more out of fear than true loyalty..


The Brotherhhod of War is said to have first formed after the end of WWII though the organisation would not become known by its current name until the mid 1970s, the original members of the organisation were exiled soldiers from defeated armies and troubled youths who had nowhere else to go: as the society grew however the membership started to include criminals, mercenaries and other assorted misfits and malcontents.

Warmonger rules the organisation with equal part terror and awe with his word being law, a strict hierarchy is also in place in which rookies obey the commands of their generals without question and in turn the generals obey the commands of the high-generals: these high-generals are hand-picked by Warmonger himself to rule over the organisation and obey him without question.

It's not uncommon for the Brotherhood Of War to make alliances with other organisations such as HAG or Dollhouse but only do so when given permission by Warmonger and members who form unofficial alliances are often killed on the spot if caught, unless they are extremely lucky.


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Brotherhood of War | Eodians | Teddy Lee | Runt

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