Brute is the "muscle" of the Rejects and, on first glance, seems to live up to her name, being an abandoned alien war-machine of unknown design she was raised on Earth after her pod landed in a suburban community and was treated as a human with no memory of what she truly was.

When her first "enhancement" activated she became scared of harming others, believing herself to be a monster she imposed a self-exile - which would lead her to meet up with the Rejects for the first time in a diner.

Although hostile to joining the team at first Brute would nevertheless agree to help out and soon found herself bonding with the team - eventually Bounce even gave her the confidence to return to her suburban community but tragedy would strike when moments after arriving home Brute's entire community was set on fire by the Children.

Blaming herself for the tragedy Brute's personality would once again harden and she even considered taking violent retribution on the Children until once again Bounce managed to get through to her and convinced her vengeance was not the answer.

Following these events Brute would stay with the Rejects full-time, seeing them as the only true family she has left she will lay down her life in their defence and although she may look fearsome deep inside Brute is a geniunely kind soul who would much rather live a "normal" life than that of a superhero but knows that she has to do what she can to prevent further tragedies from befalling those she loves.


Powers / Abilities

  • Weapon-Morphing Arms
  • Self-Repairing Circuitry
  • Durability
  • Superhuman Strength - Tier III

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