Caretaker Mara was one of the main antagonists of The Long Walk, an event that occured midway between the ending of Dusk and the start of Court Of The Red Queen: she was a high-ranking official of the floating city known as Omnus and despite being entrusted with the care of an entire city would soon be revealed to be anything but a caring individual.


Caretaker Mara was born under the name Gretel, she and her twin brother Hansel grew up in the same village as Red and she sometimes visited Red in the fields: though the two were never really close Gretel saw Red as a friend.

In time Gretel and her brother would be captured by an evil hag and engage in a daring escape that woud form the basis of the "Hansel and Gretel" fairy tale - yet tragically Gretel lost Hansel a few weeks later to an unknown illness.

Grieving for her lost brother Gretel vanished from Red's world and was believed to have either died or drifted into the forbidden wastes it would not be revealed until many years later that Gretel had not died at all but instead become the leading figure of Omnus, a multiversal city of legend.

Renaming herself Caretaker Mara the woman formerly known as Gretel would become connected to the great "web" that acted as a mirror to the entire multiverse - as well as being the strings that held Omnus together, although the "web" allowed her to observe all worlds she was unable to influence any of them as her energy was continually spent on caring for Omnus and its many visitors.

(more information shall be added shortly)



  • Multiversal Awareness (due to the great "web" Caretaker Mara could observe (but not interfere with) all worlds in the multiverse - the "web" could also see into the past, future and present - granting her in many ways a type of omniscience (though she was not, technically, "all-knowing".)
  • Technopathy (again, due to the great "web" Caretaker Mara had complete control over all technology within Omnus, effectively granting her unlimited command over the entire city)
  • Cybernetic Enhancements (Caretaker Mara's lower body had been replaced with advanced cybernetic enhancements not unlike a metallic spider, with multiple limbs that were more agile and strong than ordinary humans and also allowed her to manipulate the great "web" via plucking at its strings)

(more information will be revealed as the story progresses, Cartaker Mara is a co-op between myself (Red) and Inferno - thus can be considered a "shared" character (much like Sangria) )

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