Red --> Auburn --> Carmine --> Red Hood



Red Rose




Wonderland Human


Bloody Red Queen, Red Queen, Queen of Hearts, Red





Base of Operation



Winged-Flight, Huntsman's Axe, Thermal-Vision, Berserker Rage, Circuitry, Voice Chip, Extendable-Claws, Spikes, Body-Armor + Psychic-Block


Lawful Evil


Active (as Red Hood)

" forgiveness.. no mercy.. no survivors.." ~ Carmine

Carmine is the name adopted by Red after the events of Mother Knows Best - which is set after the Wolves At The Door storyarc. It would remain her persona until the events following the Shadow of The Red Queen - at which point she became Red Hood.


Following the events of Wolves At The Door and Hail To The King Red finally broke down, seeing the Multiverse as corrupt and without reason she decided to fake her own death in order to begin anew as Carmine.

As Carmine Red regressed back to her "Bloody Red Queen" persona and decided that the best way to save the Multiverse was to slaughter any who strayed from her personal view of "good" - thus Carmine remained as a deadly terrorist devoted to ensuring the Multiverse was brought to order.. even if it meant ruling over a mountain of corpses to do so..

Of course this quickly led her down a dark path and she began to exact vengeance on the world rather than save it, when the aftermath of Shadow of The Red Queen left many Wonderland citizens stranded on Earth she would disown the Carmine persona and took a new persona and goal as Red Hood.

Powers / Abilities

Carmine's armor is specially designed to try and mimick the natural abilities of a Pegacorn as well as several modifications made to enhance her abilities on the battle-field:

  • Winged-Flight (Carmine's suit has a pair of wings which allow flight)
  • Thermal-Vision (Carmine's mask has thermal-vision, allowing her to track others via heat)
  • Extendable-Claws (Carmine's glove has extendable metal claws that can carve through flesh, grip onto walls and shred thin metal with ease)
  • Huntsman's Axe (Carmine has the Huntsman's Axe permanently attached to her now missing hand)
  • Spikes (Carmine's armor has spikes on the boots and glove capable of shredding skin with ease)
  • Body-Armor (Carmine's body-armor grants her immense durability)
  • Circuitry (Carmine's suit has circuitry which grants her superhuman strength)
  • Voice-Chip (Carmine's mask has a chip which alters her voice, making it impossible for people to recognize her)
  • Psychic-Block (Carmine's mask prevents even the most powerful of psychics from entering her mind)

Carmine was unable to change into a Wolf-Mode when enraged but could still enter a lesser Berserker Rage in battle, amplifying her strength and durability even further - however she would ultimately develop the ability to transform into a cybernetic wolf, showing the power of the Huntsman's Axe remains even in her new form. (it is worth noting however she never displayed the cybernetic-wolf power until she became known as Red Hood)


Skillet - Monster - Awake03:07

Skillet - Monster - Awake

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