Chaos World
is an alternate version of Earth created by Kane, in which he is the supreme "ruler" of an anarchic world that is in constant strife - Kane also created a kill-squad known as the Party Police who run this sadistic parody of mainstream reality.

(Chaos World shall be revealed during the events of the crisis known as the "Wrath of The Watchers" - which includes stories such as Event Horizon)


Chaos World II

A second Chaos World emerged after the Shadow of Death, instead of being an altered time-line however this was a planet taken over by Kane as a place to live in "peace", it would be ruled by the same anarchic "rules" as the original Chaos World and shaped largely by Kane's insane vision of a "new" world.

This version of Chaos World would be explored in Time Wars and other post-Shadow of Death storyarcs.

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