Charm is a young spirit of nature akin to what humans have come to know as "fairies" (however she despises being called this name - finding it insulting): although she begins as the companion of the mysterious "Friend" she eventually starts to question "Friend" and his treatment of the youths during the events of Fly By Midnight.


Charm was born long ago in a mysterious world far away from the "real world" yet often had contact with it due to her natural curiosity - she befriended a young Friend and rescued him after witnessing the abuse he was subjected to, creating a sanctuary for him.

Charm would proceed to form a strong friendship with Friend, to the point that when Friend became aware of other youths being abused in the "real world" was quick to aid him in spiriting the youths to the sanctuary she had originally made for Friend, thus forming what would become known as the "Lost Children".


Charm is a sweet-natured spirit who loves the company of others and becomes angry when she sees people being mistreated, which can lead her to impulsive actions which she can regret in time.

Powers / Abilities

Magic (Class II) - as a "fairy" Charm has access to a massive array of spells that allow her to perform almost anything imaginable, however her spells can never exceed Tier III (Ultura) in magnitude.

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