Chiang Battlehand is a heroic Felid warrior who was born of low-rank yet managed to gain the admiration of Felidia and the love of Ginga Redkit after he successfully defeated the evil Faungli.

Now Chiang stands tall as the protector his people, a Felid who shows himself as a proud but noble warrior who will never back down from a challenge and although skilled in combat would never harm an innocent.

Character Bio

Chiang was once a low-ranking Felid who had to struggle to make a living in the often harsh streets of Felidia - even from an early age he was ruled by honor and would steal only what he required to survive, he often helped those who were in distress and become known as a local hero of sorts to the downtrodden but was disliked by authority as a "rogue".

Chiang would grow in prominence when he defeated the evil Faungli and saved Ginga Redkit from his clutches, as a result he and the princess became lovers and Felidia accepted him as their protector - though he was still forbidden by "divine law" to marry Ginga due to him not having royal blood.

Regardless of this Chiang continues to stand by his princess as well as any who ask for his aid, he seldom accepts rewards outwith the occassional gift given by thankful citizens and even when challenged by braggarts or criminals he has yet to kill an opponent - believing true strength comes in besting his foes rather than slaying them..


  • Staff of Felidia (Chiang utilizes this unique weapon and has access to its great powers)
  • Instinctual Knowledge (Chiang has the remarkable ability to instinctually know the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents, which allows him to prepare himself better in battle - though he is unable to predict their exact actions)

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