"Mutants, aliens and demigods are just the beginning - if we are to survive as a species we must learn how to police the unstoppable.. to put limits on the limitless.. but most importantly, we must learn to face the monsters under our beds.." ~ Agent Kings

Clandestine is an elite group of superhuman "detectives" who also have the power of judge, jury and (if) necessary executioner - they are also sworn to a life of secrecy and hide in the shadows: few know of their existence and those that do are also sworn to keep it a secret, their enemies are many and their allies are few.. yet without them the world would fall into anarchy and despair as superhuman criminal would be free to run amok.

If a case proves too puzzling, disturbing or strange for even the most hardened of law-enforcer Clandestine is sure to arrive on the scene - at this point even the most dangerous of superhuman criminals knows their time is short.. they are the silent defenders of a world gone mad.. they are Clandestine.

Known Members

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