Chapter One: Omega's New Plan

Rune was sitting alone in a large deciduous forest after wiping out a ton of Omega's monsters. She embraced her fire sword, enjoying the heat it was giving off. Omega often created large battalions of monsters to cause trouble for the quipps. They never injured anyone, but they did destroy a lot of material possessions. Rune took it upon herself to destroy the monsters Omega unleashed.

After a while, she stood up, and her fire sword disappeared. She gazed up at the trees, and could hear the wind blowing through the leaves. "I guess that's all of them," she said aloud. Then, she began to walk home.

At home, Rune sat down at her kitchen table with her fingertips on her temples, puzzled about the excessive amount of monsters Omega had been unleashing lately. "That's the seventh monster attack this week. Is he in a bad mood or something?" She leaned back in her chair and sighed. "Whatever's going on, I better be especially careful." She got up from the table and went out to the front porch. She stared up at the bright, blue sky with a few scattered clouds, and thought, "What are you up to, Omega?"

That night, as Rune slept, she began to break out into a cold sweat. She turned her head from side to side slowly. "" she muttered. Then, she jolted awake, gasping for breath. She sat up and put her hand to her forehead. "What...what was that?" she questioned.

Acting on impulse, she got up, got into her hero costume, and woke herself up somewhat with a cold water beverage. Then, she went out to her backyard, and flew high up into the sky. She typically went as high as she could go without losing sight of the ground to hide herself from the masses. If anyone did spot her, they most likely would not be able to identify her. Although, now she had extra stealth protection from the dark night sky. She flew as fast as she could into the direction of Omega's evil lair. "I've gotta' find it..." she thought. She had only seen Omega's lair a few times, so finding it would be somewhat of a challenge. Racing through the night sky, she scanned the ground intensively.

Finally, after about thirty minutes of fast flight, she spotted a lone, stone building sitting near a river. "That's it! That's gotta' be it!" She slowed herself down and landed roughly fifteen feet away from the building. Then, she began to approach it as quietly as possible. When she reached it, she pressed her back against one of the outside walls, and began to sidle towards one of the windows to her right. Once she peeked through the window, all of her fears were confirmed. Omega was sitting on a chair with his back to the window, writing something down on a notebook, and next to him sat a large metallic device, resembling a laser of sorts. It was roughly five feet in length.

As quietly as she could, Rune attempted to open the window slowly. It slid up easily, making very little sound. She climbed into the room, trying to be as silent as a monk. She made some noise, but Omega was so focused on what he was writing, he didn't hear. Then, when she was completely inside, she crossed her arms, glaring at Omega, and shouted, "Omega!"

Omega nearly jumped out of his chair in shock. He jumped to his feet and whirled around, an astonished look on his face. "Rune? What are you doing here?"

"I came looking for your lair after I had a nightmare about you enslaving the quipps."

Omega smirked. "Nightmare? Sounds like a dream come true to me."

Rune pointed at the device. "What is that?"

Omega glanced at it, then looked back to her with an impish smile. "I don't suppose you would buy it if I told you that was a cotton candy dispenser?"

Rune tightened her hands into fists. "Omega..."

Omega folded his hands behind his back, underneath his cape, and said, "Very well. I suppose I'll tell you the truth. That device is a disease-spreading machine. Quipps created it for biological warfare; not surprising. So, I decided to steal it and use it to enslave quippkind. Isn't it ironic, Rune? The quipps having one of their own weapons of cruetly used against them?"

Rune didn't respond. She merely kept glaring at Omega.

"Well, I have no clue how it works, but I know how to use it properly. I will make a few modifications with my powers to magnify its effect over the entire human race, and then I will bend quippkind to my will. They will have to do exactly as I say, or I will infect them with diseases that only I will have the power to reverse...if I so choose."

"I won't let you do this."

"And just how do you plan to stop me?"

"Like this." Then, Rune raised her hand and shot an intense wave of fire at the machine. She cancelled the fire wave after a little while, and was stunned to see the machine completely intact.

Omega laughed villainously. "It won't be that easy, Rune! I've already placed a fire-proof energy shield around it!"

Rune's eyes widened. "No..." she muttered.

"Yes," Omega retorted with a smirk. "Quippkind shall bow to the humans."

Rune glared at him, summoned her fire sword to her hand, and swung it as hard as she could, unleashing a massive wave of fire at Omega.

Omega couldn't react fast enough, and the blast of fire sent him flying backwards.

Rune's sword disappeared, and she ran forward towards Omega, who was sprawled on his back on the floor, dazed from the hit. She stood over him, cracking her knuckles. "You won't go any farther with this plan. I'm ending it now."

Omega smiled up at her. "Sorry, Rune, but I'm only getting started." He quickly pulled down his sleeve slightly, revealing a purple wristband. He pressed a small button on the side, and a thick, purple gas filled the air.

Rune began to feel drowsy. "No...." She backed away, trying to get away from the gas, but it had already taken its toll. She began to waver off balance, and Omega, who had climbed to his feet, ran over, and caught Rune before she fell. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was Omega's smirking face.


When Rune awakened, she was in a dark room, lying on a bed. There was just enough moonlight coming in from the barred window to her left for her to see around the area. She saw the door to her right, got up, ran over to it, and started pounding on it with her fists. "Omega! I'm gonna' rip you apart!" she shouted.

Knowing it, most likely, would do no good, but still determined to try anyway, Rune backed away from the door, and shot fire at it from her hand. When she cancelled the fire wave, she saw that the door was still intact without a single scorch mark on it.

Then, she heard Omega's maniacal laughter and footsteps approaching the door. "Awake are we, Rune? I honestly wasn't expecting you to rise so quickly. No matter, though. I've already finished the modifications to the device, and now I'm off to place the device at the peak of a certain mountain where it will be safe from you. Then, I'll be off to the capital city to make an announcement of my demands. Want me to bring you back a souvenir?"

Rune's hands clenched into tight fists. "Omega..."

Omega chuckled. "Such a poor sport. Well, I'm off now! Ta-ta, Rune!" He could be heard walking away from the door.

Rune lowered her head. "Now what?" she thought. She raised her head up and looked around the room, trying to think of how to escape. Everything was fireproof, the windows had bars over them, and the door was locked.

Rune sat on the bed and shut her eyes for a moment, trying to think of what she could do. Then, an idea came to her. She stood up, summoned her fire sword and walked towards the door. Carefully, she placed the tip of the sword inside the lock, trying to pick it. "Everything may be fireproof, but a sword is still a sword," she thought.

Finally, she heard a click, and immediately attempted to open the door. The knob turned, and the door opened. "Yes!" she exclaimed out loud. She ran out of the room, into the hallway, and began to look for the lair's exit.

Chapter Two: Confrontation at the Capital

When Rune found the exit to Omega's lair, she ran out, and, immediately, took to the skies in flight. She knew it would be best to wait for Omega at the capital city. It would be pointless to try to discover which mountain was harboring the device. There were far too many mountains on Belladore. She would have to find out from Omega directly...

She flew as fast as she could, heading straight for the capital. When she reached her destination, she landed in an empty field, away from the streets, so as not to alarm the residents. Then, she began to walk to City Hall. She knew Omega would be making his announcement there; it would be the most practical decision.

Before long, she spotted the large, towering building that was City Hall. The building was tannish in color, and had a podium with several microphones on it out in front of the building at the top of a set of cement stairs leading to the building. There was quite a large number of people standing outside the building. Jounalists wanting answers about certain unresolved problems, ordinary people wanting to see City Hall, and more.

Rune stood at a fair distance, so that Omega would not notice her presence there. She crossed her arms and waited, staring straight at the podium in front of City Hall. She breathed heavily, as the flight from Omega's lair to the city had been rather taxing on her. She hoped she would have enough energy to confront Omega after his "speech."

Several minutes passed, and Rune began to feel rejuvenated. "That's a relief," she thought. Then, her thoughts were cut short as a young man dressed all in black came up to the podium. He tapped one of the microphones a few times to get the attention of the people in the area.

"People of Belldore!" he began. "Long has your race of quipps been a blight upon the universe!"

Rune rolled her eyes, and muttered, "Oh, brother...."

"But that ends today! I have special machine in my possession that will allow me to infect the entire quipp population with any disease I choose! I can infect you all with illness with the simple push of a button!" Omega held up a black remote with several buttons on it.

"He must control the device with that," Rune thought.

"Here's a little demonstration!" Omega declared, and examined the remote's buttons, before choosing one, and pressing it.

Soon, every quipp in the area began to sneeze uncontrollably. Rune looked around, stunned. It was as though a plague had just been unleashed on the area.

"A simple sneezing fit now....but later, I may infect you with diseases far worse!" Omega pressed the button again, and the quipps finally stopped sneezing, and looked to Omega in awe. Omega smirked malevolently, and continued, "My demands are quite simple! Bow down to me and become my slaves! Make me the undisputed king of your miserable planet and carry out my every whim! If any of you refuse, I will plague you with disease until you obey! You have exactly twenty-four hours to come up with a response to my requisition! If I do not hear from you by then, you will all be blighted with disease once again until you come up with an answer!" Omega chuckled evilly for a moment, and then, continued, "Your species is despicable, and now you will finally be put in your place! That is all for now." Omega, then, casually walked away from the podium, and began to move to the back of City Hall's building.

Rune, discreetly, made her way through the crowds of people who were talking loudly among themselves; some of them were in an obvious state of panic. When she made it to the front of the crowd, she began to head to the back of the building where she was hoping Omega would still be.

Omega stood with his back leaning against the building, looking at a watch on his wrist, holding the remote in his other hand.

Rune glared fiercely at him. "Omega!" she shouted in rage.

Omega looked up from his watch, stunned to see Rune. "Rune! How did you escape?"

Rune came closer, grabbed Omega by his shirt and pushed him up against the building as hard as she could. "Where's the device, Omega?! Which mountain did you put in on?!"

Omega stood staring at her with wide eyes, still baffled by how she managed to escape the cell.

With her other hand, Rune summoned her fire sword, and pointed it at Omega. "Answer me. Or else."

Omega stared into her eyes, his eyes wide with surprise, and even fear. But, then, his facial expression relaxed, and a smirk appeared on his face. "Nice try, Rune, but you're not going to maul or kill me. It's not you."

Rune moved the fire blade closer to Omega's throat, her orange eyes glowing with rage.

However, Omega simply stood there, the smirk still on his face. "Give it up, Rune. I've called you on your bluff."

The hand that held the fire sword began to tremble, and a few tears began to stream from Rune's eyes. Finally, she released Omega, and turned away, yelling, "Damn it!"

Omega got off the wall of the building and slowly walked over to Rune. "Oh, come now, Rune. Mercy is a wonderful quality, and you should be proud of it. You wouldn't expect one of those filthy, abhorrent quipps to have it..."

Rune turned around, and grabbed Omega by the shirt again, glaring angrily into his eyes. "I'll find the mountain, and I'll demolish that horrible machine."

Omega smirked again, and said, "I doubt you'll find it in time, Rune. By seven o' clock this evening, the device will be completely indestructable, thanks to a special energy I infused it with. Belladore has many mountains, and you only have so much time."

Rune's expression changed to one of fear. "Seven o' clock?"

"That's right. And it's noon now. You really think you can search every mountain in time?"

Rune released Omega and turned away. "I.....I have to try," she said. Then, she shot up into the sky, taking off towards the nearest mountain which was visible in her line of sight.

Chapter Three: Mountain to Mountain

The flight took longer than Rune had expected, but she, finally, reached the mountain, and landed on its peak. She looked left and right, but could spot no machine.

"It's not here," said a familiar voice from behind.

Rune whirled around to see Omega standing behind her. She was about to question how he had gotten there, but, then, remembered that he could make portals and teleport to wherever he wanted. She, instead, raised her hand, and shot fire at him out of anger.

Omega, easily, raised a barrier that blocked the attack, and lowered it when the wave of fire ended. He crossed his arms, smirking at Rune. "You might as well give up, Rune. There's no way you can search every mountain by seven."

Rune ignored him, turned away, and took to the sky once more, searching for the next mountain. She spotted another mountain in the distance, and began towards it as fast as she could.

She could feel fatigue beginning to grip her, but she refused to stop, even for a moment. It took several minutes, but she made it to the mountain's peak, landed, and looked around restlessly. Again, she found nothing.

"Not here either," tautned Omega's voice from above.

Rune looked up to see Omega hovering above her and the mountain's peak, smiling.

Rune glared at him, but soon found herself dropping to one knee, trying to catch her breath from the long flight.

Omega landed in front of her. "Rune, you're tired. Think about this. You're running out of time, and you're exhausted. There's no way you can win."

Rune looked up at him, and saw that he was holding the remote control. "Without that, he can't control the device," she thought. Quickly, she got up, ran towards him, smacked the remote out of his hand, and shot fire at it, destroying it in seconds. She smiled, triumphantly.

However, Omega merely half-smiled at her and said, "Sorry, Rune, but I didn't need that remote. I have a dozen at my lair, and some of them are already indestructable, thanks to my energy infusion."

Rune's heart sank at his words.

Omega placed a hand on her shoulder, and said, "Rune, I know you're not one to give up. But think about the situation." He shook his head. "There's nothing you can do."

Rune smacked his hand away and said, "Shut up!" She shot up into the sky once more, and looked around for the next mountain. She saw yet another one, and immediately, began to fly towards it.

She got there, and was, once again, greeted by Omega, who was lying down on the mountain's peak, his head held up by his hand, smiling impishly at Rune. "This is not the mountain you're looking for," he teased.

Rune, in a fit of rage, shot a massive wave of fire at Omega. The wave hit, and Omega was thrown back to the other side of the peak, hurt. Rune walked over, knelt down, grabbed him by the shirt, and began to punch him repeatedly across the face.

Then, she regained her temper, and ceased, though still glowered at Omega.

Omega smiled at her, a trickle of blood running down his chin. "You can pound on me all you like, Rune. It doesn't change the fact that tomorrow the quipps will be enslaved."

Burning with rage, Rune shouted, "I hate you!"

Omega nodded slowly, the smile still on his face. "I know. But the quipps wholeheartedly deserve their approaching fate. They're a horrible race, Rune."

"They're not all the same, Omega. Not all of them are bad."

"It's been proven statistically that the grand majority of them are."

"Omega, I don't like the suffering of others. Get it through your thick skull. I don't care how bad they are, I won't see them enslaved."

"Well....that's very merciful of you.....but I'm afraid you'll have no choice but to see them enslaved. I'm afraid I'm not as compassionate as you, Rune." Omega groaned, and rolled over onto his side, holding his stomach in pain.

Rune stood up, looking down at him. "I'll fight to the end to stop it." She darted up into the heavens once again, searching for more mountains to check....

After searching roughly four other mountains and finding nothing, she was coming up to the fifth one. It had taken a few hours for her to fly to each one due to varying distances, and she was completely exhausted. She landed on the peak of the fifth mountain, and looked around frantically. However, she still found nothing. She dropped to her knees, staring up at the sky as tears started to stream from her eyes. "It really is.....hopeless...." she thought. She dropped her head into her hands, covering her eyes, as she started to sob. "I'm sorry, quipps," she said. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you..."

For a while, she sat there, on the mountain's peak, crying into her hands.

Then, she had a sudden realization. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her news transmitter. She touched the search bar, and proceed to type in "mountain." The search went through, but there were no news stories on Belladore for that day involving mountains. And the mountains of Belladore are located fairly close to cities and towns. "That.....doesn't make any sense," she thought. "If the quipps had seen any activity around the mountains, they would've reported it, and it would've wound up on the news...."

Rune's eyes widened as she realized where the device was. "He didn't put it on a mountain, he put in on a volcano..." she said aloud. She stood up, wiped the tears from her eyes, and thought, "He knew the quipps would've made a fuss if he put the device anywhere near their living areas, and that would've alerted me to where it was. But the volcanoes are far away from any civilization. They stand in the middle of vast oceans on Belladore." She looked around, and could see the ocean from the mountain she was on. She sighed, dismayed, as she thought, "But there's still no time to check every volcano. They're too many of them...." She crossed her arms, and closed her eyes, contemplating the situation deeply.

Then, she opened her eyes, uncrossed her arms, and looked out to the ocean. "No....can I even do that?" She walked to the edge of the mountain's peak and shook her head. "I have to try. I....have to make every volcano on Belladore erupt."

Chapter Four: Final Decision

After resting a bit at the mountain's peak, she flew down to the shore of the ocean she'd been gazing at. She landed on the soft sand, took a few deep breaths, and decided it was time. She planted her feet firmly in the sand, put her hands together, as if in prayer, and began to concentrate.

Then, she heard Omega's voice from behind. "So, you've figured it out, have you?"

Rune lowered her hands to her sides, and turned, glaring at Omega.

"Quite impressive that you were able to deduce that I placed the device on a volcano."

"I should've checked my news transmitter right away. That would've narrowed it down a lot sooner."

"But to ascertain where I had actually put the machine after I told you it was a mountain....that's pretty smart."

Rune crossed her arms. "Well, in ancient Rome, the romans actually called volcanoes mountains. They didn't know that volcanoes spewed lava....until it was too late."

Omega's smiled widened. "Hmm....quite the scholar, aren't you?"

Rune summoned her fire sword, and stood staring at Omega.

"As you may have already guessed, I'm here to stop you from making the volcanoes erupt. If I can defeat you here, that should give the device just enough time to finish its transformation into an indestructable weapon. And then, the quipps will be enslaved."

Rune grabbed the hilt of her sword with both hands, and swung it as hard as she could, unleashing a massive wave of fire at Omega.

Omega quickly raised a sturdy barrier that shielded him from the attack. Then, when the wave was over, he lowered the barrier, and created a swirling black portal behind himself, which he jumped back into. The portal closed up after him.

Rune looked around, trying to spot the portal he would come out of.

But, then, two arms wrapped around Rune's torso from behind. Omega had teleported to the area directly behind Rune, as he was known to do. Rune cursed herself for falling for his old trick so many times. After struggling to get free from his grasp for a bit, and failing, she exerted a burst of fire from herself that shot out in all directions.

Omega quickly released her and staggered backwards, holding his stomach in pain.

Rune whirled around and swung her sword at him, unleashing another wave of fire.

Another barrier was raised just in time, and Omega shook his head to recuperate from her last hit. When the wave ended, he lowered his barrier, raised up his right hand, and shot a pitch black ray of energy at Rune.

Rune swung her sword at the ray, and hit it, dissipating it.

Raising up both hands, Omega proceeded to fire multiple dark rays at Rune, like rapidfire.

Rune swung her sword at each and every ray, dispersing them. Then, in the midst of it, she swung her sword at two of the rays that were close together, and shot fire out of her sword while doing so. The fire went straight through the rays, dissipating them, and hit Omega directly.

Omega ceased firing his rays, and staggered backwards, yelling in pain.

Not letting up, Rune swung her sword at him again, unleashing another wave of fire.

The wave moved too fast for Omega to block, so he leaned out of the way, and narrowly dodged it. Then, he raised his hand and shot a massive wave of darkness at Rune.

The ray of darkness made contact, and Rune was thrown back a few feet, landing on the sand, on her back. She quickly got to her feet, and Omega shot another powerful ray of darkness at her. Rune shot a ray of fire at this darkness, and the two forces of energy cancelled each other out with a small explosion.

When the dust from the explosion settled, Rune ran straight towards Omega with her sword at her side. When she was close enough, she raised the sword up, and swung in downward, unleashing a vertical arc of fire that was too fast for Omega to avoid.

Omega was hit, and thrown backwards a bit, landing on his back in the sand. He groaned in pain.

Rune knew that Omega wasn't finished, and that she was running out of time. She decided that a desperate move was needed. She moved backwards, and held her sword in her hands horizontally, the hilt in her right hand, the blade's tip resting on the palm of her left hand. She bagan to concentrate, hoping to charge up her next move as quickly as possible.

Omega got to to feet, looked at Rune, and quickly recognized what she was doing. "Oh no you don't!" he shouted, and ran towards her.

Thinking quickly, Rune raised a wall of fire around herself to protect her from Omega.

Omega forced himself to a halt to prevent himself from getting burned. After thinking for a moment, he stepped back and shot a wave of darkness at Rune's fire barrier.

The barrier of fire shielded Rune from the attack, but it weakened her to keep the fire barrier strong enough to protect her from Omega's attacks. She worried that she may not be able to unleash her most powerful move. Still, she continued to concentrate, and the sky began to turn a light shade of red.

Omega fired ray after ray at Rune's fire barrier, hoping to deplete her strength enough to keep her from launching her ultimate attack.

However, despite Rune's growing fatigue, she forced herself to keep focusing on the attack. The sky quickly turned to a darker shade of red.

Finally, a flaming meteor formed and began descending towards the ground, aimed right at Omega.

Omega raised a barrier around himself and braced for the meteor's impact.

The meteor picked up speed, and its flame grew bigger. Omega's eyes widened at the approaching rock of flame.

At last, the meteor crashed into Omega's barrier. Omega was too weakened from the fight to generate a strong enough barrier, and the meteor tore right through it, shattering it. The flaming rock slammed into Omega, exploding into chunks of rock and flame as it did so.

Rune dropped her fire barrier and fell to one knee, exhausted by the attack. Slowly, the sky cleared, and the bits of the meteor began to disappear.

Omega was left on on the beach, lying on his back, completely unconscious.

Rune stood up and staggered over to him, kneeling down. She could see that he was still breathing; he was simply knocked out. "Good," she thought. She didn't think that her attack would've killed him, as she'd used it on him before. But she just wanted to make sure that he was still alright after the hit.

She looked out towards the ocean, and thought, "But now will I still have the energy to make every volcano on Belladore erupt?" She reached in her pocket and pulled out a small wristwatch; she didn't like to wear them, deeming that they pinched her skin. She saw that it was 6:10 p.m., and decided that she had just enough time to rest for a bit before she attempted to make the volcanoes burst.

She got up, walked a short distance away from Omega, and sat down on the beach, breathing heavily. She had always loved going to the beach, even when she was very young. She never imagined that such a favorite vacation spot would turn into a battlefield....

Roughly ten mintues passed and Rune was feeling significantly better. She decided it was time. She stood, planted her feet firmly into the sand, pressed her hands together once again, and began to concentrate. She took deep breaths to heighten her focus. She contemplated the magma in each volcano rising and rising.

Soon, she could feel a mild tremor, and realized that it was starting to work. She continued to focus her energy on raising the levels of magma in the volcanoes. "Higher....higher...." she though. "Erupt...."

Finally, she heard a loud explosion out in the ocean. She looked up and could see traces of red and orange, as well as jet black smoke. "Yes!" she exclaimed aloud, raising a fist in the air.

She dropped to her knees, breathing sighs of relief and joy. Then, after a few minutes, she started to wonder if she had actually made all the volcanoes erupt. There was no way she could really know herself, unless she flew around and examined each volcano, and she hadn't the energy to to that.

After worrying for a few minutes, her news transmitter began to beep softly. She pulled it out, and read the text on the screen: "Breaking News: Geologist declares that oceanic quakes are a result of every volcano on Belladore erupting."

"Yes!!" Rune exclaimed. "I did it!!" She fell over onto her side, lying on the sand, tears of joy streaming from her eyes. She, then, happily passed out from exhaustion.

Chapter Five: Peace at Last

Rune awakened lying on a large, black couch. Slowly, she pushed herself up, and looked around, confused. "Where am I?" she thought. Then, she noticed someone sitting in a revolving computer chair close to the couch. The back of the chair was large, and it was facing her, so she couldn't see who was occupying it.

Then, the chair spun around, and there sat Omega, smiling at her.

"Aah! Holy crap!" Rune yelled, raising her arm up in front of her face to protect herself.

Omega raised his hand up. "Relax, Rune. I didn't bring you here as a prisoner."

Rune lowered her arm back to her side, and she stared at Omega, still slightly dazed.

"I woke up on the beach and found you lying unconscious. I knew that my plan had been foiled thanks to my own news transmitter. It broadcasted the foolish quipp media, who were happily explaining how the seared pieces of my device were found floating in the ocean. They knew the device I had previously threatened them with was now no more. You really did it. You really made every volcano on Belladore erupt."

Rune smiled and shrugged.

"I grumbled and groaned....and then brought you back with me to my lair. I thought a couch would be more comfortable for you than the sand."

"Well....thank you."

Omega nodded and said, "Oh, sure thing, Rune. After all, you are a fellow human."

Rune's smile turned to a half-smiled, as she was upset with Omega's constant bashing of quipps.

Omega sat back in his chair, crossed his arms, and smirked at Rune. "Looks like you've beaten me again, Rune. But this peace will be short-lived. I'll come up with a new plan. And the quipps will be enslaved."

Rune got up off the couch, and raised her fist, which soon became enveloped in fire. "I am so taking you in, right now."

But then, several mechanical and magical arms came out of the walls, grabbed her wrists and arms, and restrained her.

Omega smiled sympathetically at her. "This is my lair, Rune. You can't hope to threaten me here."


The mechanical and magical arms released her and receded back into the walls.

Rune eyes shifted around the room a bit, and she said, "Well.....guess I'll be going, then."

"I would like you to stay and rest a bit more."

"Thanks, but I'm fine. I feel a lot better." She nodded. "I can make it home."

Omega stared at her for a moment. Then, he said, "Well....alright then." He smirked again, and said, "Well, then! We'll meet again, Rune."

Rune smiled and shook her head. "Do you have to be such a cliche cartoon villain?"

"Of course."

They both laughed a bit, said their goodbyes, and Rune left the lair. She flew back to her house in the suburb and sat in a chair on her porch, resting from the long flight. She looked out at the streets and sidewalks of free, happy quipps. "Rest easy, quipps," Rune thought. "You're safe now."


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