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Gloria Gaynor - I am What I am

Club 47 was an important location in the War Dolls series and was a popular night-club / sanctuary for mutants and non-human entities, created specifically to be a safe place for them to explore their abilities and to be proud of being "different" : due to the Club's ideals it was targeted by both anti-mutant extremists and mutant superiority groups, ultimately falling due to the actions of Oath.


Club 47 was created a year before the War-Cry incident, being one of the first true "mutant clubs" - despite being a peaceful place it continually earned bad publicity due to anti-mutant protests and gang activities by malefactors such as Skulls : despite this Club 47 continued, determined to provide mutants and non-humans with a place to safely explore and find pride in the things society shunned them for.


Club 47 was at its peak during the events of the early War Dolls saga, roughly three years after War-Cry : having survived the destruction of the war and acting as a place of refuge for many mutants.


Club 47 was ultimately destroyed around eight years after War-Cry, burned down by followers of Oath - the incident became infamous as it killed around a dozen patrons, some of whom were deliberately locked in the building by corrupt authorities (who continue to deny the events).

Known Patrons

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