Corporal Punishment is a violent vigilante who holds the position of a judge when not committing crimes: unsurprisingly very few individuals are aware of this and even less believe it's true - he is driven by a fixation on punishment, feeling that current justice and law are insufficent tools to punish the guilty, however he is a sneaky individual who often feigns alliances with major villains in order to get close to them and then destroy them.


A well-respected judge the man who would become Corporal Punishment was known for his harsh sentences but was never content with the justice system - he felt that only physical punishment could deter criminal behaviour and so he dreamt up the alter-ego fo Corporal Punishment and became a vigilante by night, targetting hero and villain alike.

Throughout his career as Corporal Punishment he has come across many villains and heroes and incurred the wrath of Supreme General after a failed attempt at his life following a feigned alliance as well as becoming a recurring opponent of the Liberator and through her an occassional opponent of Freedom-Striker.

Appearance In The Villains RPG Universe

Corporal Punishment may make a brief appearance in Strays (Liberator's first appearance in the Villains RPG universe) and will play a larger role in the upcoming New Kids On The Block saga.


Physically Corporal Punishment is fairly average in build, standing in at 5ft 5in and has black hair worn short - he has brown eyes and wears glasses as a judge (when disguised as Corporal Punishment he utilises contact-lenses): he never reveals his face to opponents as his career and freedom would be lost if he did and thus he is never seen outwith his costume. Corporal Punishment's costume consists of a black robe and executioner-style hood with steel-capped boots and large gloves fastened with iron knuckle-dusters: he has a large executioner-axe tied to his back that he seems to have no problem welding.


Corporal Punishment is weaker than most people in many ways but has a slightly more advanced will than most people - he makes up for his weakness by sporting steel-capped boots, iron knuckle-dusters and a large executioner-axe that is fully functional even if he tends to use it purely for show.

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