There is no need for judgement. I will terminate their hope, break their spirits and minds, and make their souls my own.

~Corrupt Arbiter

Corrupt Arbiter, who also refers to himself as Executioner, is a malignant clone of Arbiter created by Misery for a currently unknown purpose.

Arbiter battled with this clone, and sealed it within his own mind after much difficulty, to keep it from spreading it's influence. However, the clone was capable of speaking directly within Arbiter's mind, especially when the Balance-Keeper was at his weakest, as seen in A Butterfly's Wing.

After Arbiter's death, Executioner broke free, and has reappeared in The Shadow of Death.


Executioner is not the opposite of Arbiter as much as he is a perversion. While Arbiter, at the end of his years, valued Order with compassion, Executioner values Order through fear and hatred, and if absolutely necessary, death.


Executioner has pitch-black skin, faded green hair, and glowing yellow eyes. He possesses a greatsword much like Arbiter, except it appears to be made from flesh and bone.

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