The Council of Godheads is a massive collection of higher-gods who reside within the Hall of the Gods when not governing the affairs of their own Pantheons, many of these beings are the descendents of the fallen deity and former cosmic-entity known as Kronos but some are independent.

The Council of Godheads are responsible for aiding the Absolutes in the care of the Multiverse and although each Pantheon varies greatly in how they govern things most of them are sworn to uphold at least one of the Sacred Laws, which seems to be an instinctual drive passed down from lingering memories of the Alpha.

The Council of Godheads are subservient to the Absolutes but can call upon the Primordial Ones in times of great need, such as when the Absolutes are seen to abuse their power - in general however the Primordial Ones do not interfere in these matters unless their is a significant danger to one or more Multiverses, at which point they may incarnate (usually in the form of Luca).


The Council of Godheads was created by the Absolutes 300 million years ago alongside the Hall of the Gods, The Four Powers and Kouryuu in order to help calm the "tide" - the mystic term for the collective life-force of all "gods" and the force that keeps dimensional-prisons strong - as well as ensure Abraxas would not return.

For many centuries the Council of Godheads spread across the multiverse but did not take active interest in Earth, which was instead guided by "Wanderers" - howevering during the Hyborean Era they realized Earth was becoming infested with alien entities seeking to harm and thus in 20,000 BC they officially laid claim to Earth and ushered in the "Age of the Gods".

Known Members

  • Zeus (Ancient Greek Pantheon (The Olmypians) ) <born of Kronos>
  • Odin (Norse Gods) <born of Kronos>
  • Amun-Ra (Ancient Egyptian Pantheon) <born of Kronos>
  • Dagda (Celtic mythology) <born of Kronos>
  • Perun (Slavic mythology) <born of Kronos>
  • Merlin (guardian of magic) <uniquely ascended human>
  • Tezcatlipoca (Aztec pantheon) <born of Kronos>
  • Yuanshi Tianzun (Chinese mythology) <born of Kronos>
  • Amaterasu (Japanese mythology) <inherited the role from corrupted parents>
  • Numakulla (Australian Aborigine myth) <born of Kronos>
  • Damballa (Loa (Vodou gods) ) <born of Kronos>
  • Dahlia (Living Embodiment of Thyria)

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